Prestop PT-Lift-Smart Universal

Purchase this electric-powered lift and enable users to easily raise or lower a large display and enhance any educational, training or presentation application.



The Prestop PT-Lift-Smart Universal is the Ultimate Lift/Stand solution for interactive displays!

Purchase this electrically-powered lift and quickly enable users to easily raise or lower an entire display to the perfect height, enhance=ing educational events, training or even corporate presentations. The adjustable monitor-mounting bracket allows for a quick and easy installation of most touch screens & displays. In addition to high/low functioning, the lift is also able to tilt at any angle transforming a multi-user Touch Screen into a Touch Table or Kiosk experience. Designed and built in the Netherlands, the PT-Lift-Smart Universal provides legendary quality with smooth, quiet, safe, and elegant movements.

Adjustable Height Options 

Together with the control unit available, this PresTop PT-Lift-Smart Universal is able to be set to various height levels. The height adjustment is step-less so any particular height is possible (with a maximum height of approximately 64 inches to center of the screen). Furthermore, a wireless remote control allows for adjusting as necessary before or during the event.

Smart Lift

Similarly this Smart Lift produces user interactivity at its maximum. Furthermore, when users give presentations on this Multi-user Touch Screen in a horizontal position, the unit converts into a Multi-user Touch Table where an entire group can participate around the display. This further increases the group’s interactivity and overall audience engagement.

Added Mobility

By the same token, heavy-duty casters allows the device to be highly mobile and permits effortless transportation to multiple locations. Also, features a sturdy Push-Bar for moving the unit is included. Further, the casters are equipped with brakes so it will always remain in place.

Adjustable Mounting

The stand has a variable mounting system which allows for accommodating displays with different VESA patterns. Additionally, optional conversion brackets are available to support displays with VESA patterns larger than 600 x 400 (up to 800 x 600).  Finally, the PT-Lift-Smart Universal has a recommended mounted volume of 302 lbs. and a maximum display size of 80”.

Additional information

Weight155 lbs
Dimensions38 x 36.5 x 14.5 in