GT-Smart II series EminentLine

Unique Touch Table cabinet provides an opportunity to interact & attract attention from multiple persons at the same time. An integrated lift in the cabinet makes it possible to work at an ergonomic height whether you sit or stand around the Touch Table.



This unique PresTop Touch Table, PT-GT-955-Pcap-Smart-II or PT-GT-965-Pcap-Smart-II cabinet provides the opportunity to interact and attract the attention of multiple persons simultaneously.

PresTop PT-GT-955/965-Pcap-Smart-II Touch Table Features

An integrated lift makes it possible to work at ergonomic heights whether users are sitting or standing around the unit. In addition to high/low functions it’s also possible to tilt the screen in any direction, from vertical to horizontal & everything in between. In summary, this transforms a multi-user touchscreen into a multi-user Touch Table or Kiosk. Furthermore, the cabinet contains space for holding a PC tower and provides a network & power outlet for utilizing additional appliances. Available with a 55″ or 65″ display.

Additional information

Weight220 lbs
Display Size

55", 65"