Dreamoc™ POP3

Purchase the new Dreamoc™ POP3 to create the highly desirable stop-and-stare effect that is crucial to standing out and gaining attention in any crowded event or retail environment.


Dreamoc™ POP3

Buying the Dreamoc™ POP3 display is a valuable asset to any retail or business environment.

Less than 2 feet wide and only slightly more than 1 foot in tall, it displays the presence of something much larger.

Given a front focus it performs extremely well in window displays and places where audiences can linger and view your product’s story unfolding within the display.

Also, the new Dreamoc™ POP3 creates a stop-and-stare effect that is crucial to dazzling in a crowded retail environment.

It’s easy to install and very affordable. Harness the magic of a holographic display and command attention for your brand.

The POP3 has three closed sides and your content is visible only from the front which makes it perfect for shelf installations. Also, perfect for larger solutions with multiple displays lined up next to one another or on top of each other.

Further, it is possible to create a flow of images moving from one display to the next and back.

Another option is to use a wall of displays in a front store window with each showing a little part of the big picture coming together in the grand view of all the assembled displays.

The default color for this model is white. Custom color options are available when ordering larger quantities.

Additional information

Weight28.7 lbs
Dimensions20 x 21.6 x 14.6 in

Real Fiction

Model Number

Dreamoc POP3


21.57" x 14.56" x 19.68"

Total Wattage

50 W